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K-203 Knee Sleeve W/Repositionable Buttress, Spriral Stays and Cinch Straps

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Knee support with spiral stays, removable and repositionable felt buttress and D-ring cinch straps. Medial and lateral spiral stays assist in keeping the sleeve from drifting or bunching. Specify left or right.

If there is more than a 7" difference between the circumferences of the mid patella and proximal end of support it is advisable to use a K-204-style proximal strap that does not encircle the limb to prevent slipping.

Available with Darlexx™ option for extended wearing comfort.

K-200 Series
Stock SizeCircumference at Knee
XS11" — 12"
S12" — 13"
S/M12¾" — 14"
M13½" — 15"
M/L15" — 16½"
L16" — 18"
XL17½" — 19½"

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