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Benik Pro – Register for free access to a new portion of our site exclusively for medical professionals. The site features online order forms for adult and pediatric wrist supports and our trunk orthoses. Additional resources, such as price lists, are also available. We plan to continue to expand the offerings available to medical professionals on Benik Pro.

In The Field ...

Certified Orthotist Brent from EastPoint Prosthetics and Orthotics in North Carolina needed a way to prevent a child from removing a wrist support. A solution he found that works well is Benik's option to include a Tri-Glide Strap. Brent featured this product on his website www.lifenabled.com. Typically, it is much more difficult for a child to manipulate this more complex fastener than the standard Velcro-style closure.

Learn more about the Tr-Glide Strap and other modifications on our wrist support options page. And see more of Brent's work at www.lifenabled.com.

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